Friday, 5 October 2018

How does Instagram help in Marketing?

Instagram is one of the largest photo sharing social media platform. If stats are believed then more than 600 million people are on Instagram and greater than 50% of those follow brands with 90% of total users being in the age group of below 35 years. The shared number is enough to represent the importance of the platform in terms of marketing.

Here is a list of factors that make Instagram the most efficient platform for targeting the audience,

1. Fastest access to the targeted market – With such a huge following in the market, the platform provides the businesses to reach their target audience in the least measurable time.

2. Free of cost advertising – You can always share your product and services for free of cost in the most desirable way possible.

3. Higher engagement from the audience – social media marketing company believes that if you have an attractive Instagram account then you can get connected to a maximum number of the potential audience every time. It also influences the decision making of the people and turns potential buyers into customers.

4. Increased website traffic – With the all-new swipe up feature now you can even direct the user to a link which you want them to see. Moreover, an attractive image with a “link in bio” option has also been found to do wonders that Facebook and Twitter may fail to accomplish.

5. Trust and personality development – The digital media agency believe that a good appearing page helps in developing a strong personality of the business in front of users and make them trust you for who you are, your services, and products.

6. Competitive advantage of the platform – Not many businesses have opted Instagram as compared to Facebook and Twitter, therefore, if you are using it then you have an additional advantage and your audience will have only you to reach out.

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