Monday, 22 October 2018

An insight to a mobile-friendly update- Mobilegeddon

After the advent of smartphones, the marketing strategy took a whole new turn. Now customers can be reached by phones and nobody wanted to miss this opportunity but they were also not aware of the means to target. As the time grew people understood the requirement of a website then with local search SEO, the businesses flourished in towns with customers able to communicate to the nearby vendors.

After a while, Google launched an algorithm named Mobilegeddon. The algorithm brought business for the website design and development companies. It tests the website's credibility on the basis of its outlook on mobile. This brought joy even to the SEO service providers because now mobile SEO is another marketing technique.

Let's see the ground rules of this game,

1. Larger fonts- A website must have larger fonts when accessed on the mobiles to facilitate the user a good look at the text without enlarging it.

2. Responsive design- Website developmentcompanies suggest developing a responsive design that can fit the screen of any size of mobiles. This is an important feature as it prevents the distortion of the content when accessed on smaller screens.

3.   No un-accessible content- Digital marketing agencies suggest that if a content cannot be accessed on the mobiles better to hide it than display "NOT ACCESSIBLE" sign.

4. Loading speed- If the website is accessible on mobiles then it must have a faster loading speed so that it could be accessed on the mobile data even in remote areas.

5.   Good amount of spaces at regular intervals- Unlike keyboards, mobile screens have a very rigid boundary. Therefore, experts suggest keeping a good amount of space in between the buttons to avoid an accident on the user's part.

This algorithm does not affect the SEO ranking on the desktops but sure it tests the mobile presence of the website and if it looks promising, the website gets an A grade.

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

6 Fields of Business to Observe Before Launching an SEM Campaign

You know how an ad campaign can alter the ROI of a business.

Suppose you have a strategy and the budget, but is it enough for a campaign to be a great success? 

Let’s review the factors that every business owner and digital marketing company should consider before filling up the Google Wallet,

1. Will your organization gain benefit from SEM?
If you are setting up a campaign for your local business then it might not provide you with effective results as much as you are expecting. The reason being, search results for local businesses comprise of maps and review sites.

2. Define the goals
Before making any investment set aside a realistic goal or metric against which all the outcomes of the campaign will be measured. This is to ensure that the invested money and time yields valuable end results.

3. Design a simple yet effective landing page
Social media marketing companies suggest to design a landing page and test its features thousands of times until you are sure. It is necessary to put a call to action and other important information in the start so that only a glance can be enough for the customer to make a call or purchase.

4. Set aside a budget for pay-per-click:-
The experts believe that Google, Yahoo, and Bing are not enough because other e-commerce and review websites fight neck to neck with the search engines. Plan a PPC campaign on Amazon if you have a retail business, Metasearch if you have a traveling agency, and social media marketing if you are looking to expand your audience.

5. Use other channels to measure analyze the results:-
Any person who saw and clicked your ad shall not make a purchase. Therefore, it is important to give them space and simultaneously strategize the marketing plan to often reach them in some other way so that they turn into a buyer from just potential customers.

6. Use analytics to track the progress of the campaign:-
Setting up a campaign is not enough. SEO service providers explain various other metrics that must be measured in order to calculate the success percentage of the campaign

Make plans and strategize the above factors to get the best return on the investments.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Positive impacts of Digital Marketing on Businesses

Digital Marketing came with a wind like a piece of rock but today it stands as one of the pillars of marketing and branding in almost all the industries. Digital Marketing companies are now well-established network around the globe that provide services from small scale to big fat companies with a promise to help them connect with a larger number of customers in lesser duration.

Initially, the industry and business owners were skeptical of the aspects of digital media. However, as the time passed and people saw many of the business flourishings, they started investing in the field to get the best out of it.
Listed are the following impacts of Digital Marketing on industries,

  • It has equal opportunities for all kinds and scale of businesses. Whether a small scale or a large scale industry, everyone can be a part of and invest as much as the pocket allows. Even a small investment can bring about a drastic change in the sales pipeline. The funnel that was empty before can be filled with queries and purchases from potential buyers.
  • If you connect with a social media company then you will understand that even building and tracking the traffic is possible with the use of analytics. It helps to drive the strategy in the right direction and enlightens the portion where more investment can be made.
  • If the businesses go by with an initial way of trading then they have to invest a lot with a low return for investments whereas, in half of that amount, businesses have wide open digital marketing services to choose from. The benefit is in half amount one can increase the profit percentage to twice or thrice.
  • The internet and social media have made it possible to connect with a larger number of the audience which was not handy with traditional mediums. Now you can expand the business in a foreign land by sitting at your home. 
Keep digitizing! Keep connecting!

Friday, 5 October 2018

How does Instagram help in Marketing?

Instagram is one of the largest photo sharing social media platform. If stats are believed then more than 600 million people are on Instagram and greater than 50% of those follow brands with 90% of total users being in the age group of below 35 years. The shared number is enough to represent the importance of the platform in terms of marketing.

Here is a list of factors that make Instagram the most efficient platform for targeting the audience,

1. Fastest access to the targeted market – With such a huge following in the market, the platform provides the businesses to reach their target audience in the least measurable time.

2. Free of cost advertising – You can always share your product and services for free of cost in the most desirable way possible.

3. Higher engagement from the audience – social media marketing company believes that if you have an attractive Instagram account then you can get connected to a maximum number of the potential audience every time. It also influences the decision making of the people and turns potential buyers into customers.

4. Increased website traffic – With the all-new swipe up feature now you can even direct the user to a link which you want them to see. Moreover, an attractive image with a “link in bio” option has also been found to do wonders that Facebook and Twitter may fail to accomplish.

5. Trust and personality development – The digital media agency believe that a good appearing page helps in developing a strong personality of the business in front of users and make them trust you for who you are, your services, and products.

6. Competitive advantage of the platform – Not many businesses have opted Instagram as compared to Facebook and Twitter, therefore, if you are using it then you have an additional advantage and your audience will have only you to reach out.

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Thursday, 4 October 2018

How Can You Reuse the Content? What are the Benefits of it?

It is understandable the title must have ignited the fire of questions and if believe the best digital marketing company then reusing the content is one of the best advice in today’s times when the whole internet is flooded with content. If we believe the reports that states content marketing can get thrice the number of leads as compared to paid advertising, then we are probably in trouble because creating fresh content in such a huge amount is a head-scratcher.

However, not to misunderstand content revising does not mean using the similar write-up or copying it from somewhere else. It refers to picking up the words, modifying them and presenting them in a whole new limelight.

Here are a few ways to make it effective and fun,

1. Build content relevant with the time – It signifies using the prior information with spices to meet the needs of the present. This establishes your image as that of an updated company or organization and you do not lack behind the time.

This enables you to be quick in greeting the need of the hour and saves your time in running through the entire history. Instead, you can use the same time in researching the present news.

2. Use the sale content in a different format – It takes a lot of time and manpower to create a company’s reputation among the people. A social media company believes that it is important to uniquely reach out to your users as it leaves a long-lasting impression on their minds.

However, to do this you need not create the content again and again but social media content can be used by the email marketing and blogging team with a twist depending on the marketing strategy being followed.

3. Reduced marketing time – When you are competing at every step, meeting every client’s requirements and presenting them personally with customized solutions can be onerous. However, digital marketing company believes that resuing a content can save a lot of time.

One can always use the previous write-up, do a little mix-up and touch-up, and it becomes good enough to greet the audience of today.

To conclude:
While the task seems easier, it is not a cake walk definitely. One must always be careful that customers are smart and in order to drive their minds you will have to be creative and come up with quality content.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

6 Crucial on-page factors to be taken care of during Search Engine Optimization

“The best place to hide a body is page 2 of Google search results”

Though the saying is funny yet it speaks a greater truth. Hardly anyone locates the search further on the second page of the search engine so if you do not want your live business to be buried in the search results, make sure it appears on the first page of Google. Website development companies believe there is no point in having an amazing website if the potential customers can’t find you corresponding to the frequently searched keywords pertaining to your business.

Let’s see the most essential on-page factors according to the most reputed digital marketing companies in India,

1. Title tag- Title is the first thing that any customer sees so it is important to have a distinct title with prime keywords inserted in it.

2. Relevant content- Google gives content the most important because it can only rank the website if it can crawl it through the relevant searches. So one should write relevant content with good density of keywords.

3. Meta descriptions- Most of the businesses do not give importance to meta descriptions but they are of high importance as they appear in the search results. One can stuff meta with relevant keywords for higher indexing in the search console.

4. URLs- In order to appear in the search results, one must write friendly URLs for every page. If the URL is stuffed with a keyword then it is only a boon.

5. Interlinking- SEO companies in Noida suggest that pages of the websites must be interlinked in order to provide better user-interfacing and smooth crawling to the bots.

6. Meta tags- For each page, one must right meta-tags with right keywords inserted so that indexing can pace at a higher rate.

There are many more factors that affect the ranking and are crucial to SEO. During the campaign, leave no stone unturned to reach on top of the search results.

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