Tuesday 17 March 2020

How to Carry out Mobile App Development so that Application Can be Featured in the Apple App store?

When one is thinking about an iOS or Android application development then it is obvious that they would want to rank on the App Store. Because if the application is not visible to the potential customers then there is no point of developing it. With over 1.8 million of applications on the app store, it has become a tight competition to feature your app in the search results. 

App store has changed the way in which we use our phones. It has created several jobs, made several businesses, and created new opportunities in several industries. Therefore, business owners considering mobile app development always look for the tactics to get their applications featured in the store.

mobile application development

Here is a list of few techniques that can help you get ranked in the search results of Apple App Store,

1. Develop the application with error-free – This is the first factor that decides whether the application will even stay in the app store or not. The app must work hassle free, should be navigable, and must have an intuitive design with a simple interface. Make sure that all the bugs are repaired before the app is even made live.

2. Native apps are the preference – If you know that your audience is explicitly among the iOS users then go for iOS application development. Instead, of a cross-platform application, native apps get the preferences because their quality is superior and end-user has a good experience while using the app.

3. Keep updating the app with updates of the software – Apple store prefers the applications that keep on updating themselves along with software updates. This ensures that it will not create any hindrance in the functioning of the phone.

4. Support your listing – It is advised by the experts to the application page as attractive as you can. It sure plays a crucial role in deciding whether the user will install the app or not. So it is better to keep your cats out of bags so that customers can see everything connect with you.

5. Run app store optimization using SEO services – Like website SEO, app stores also follow a similar process. Right keywords must be targeted so that visibility of the application can be enhanced so that more traffic can be brought and downloads can be increased.

6. Promote Apple – It sounds weird. Right? No, it is not. In fact, it is beneficial and can even help you improve the quality of your application. This can be done by integrating the software updates and APIs integration with the application and listing them as a part of your app description.

7. Spread the word around – Whether your run SEO, digital marketing campaign, or social media marketing, make sure that your app gets a lot of visitors and downloads. Creating a buzz among the audience will help you gain huge traffic on the page and references as well.

8. Contact the app store editors – The app store curators review several applications in a day. It can be very beneficial if you can write to them persuasively about the functioning of your mobile application and how will it help the iPhone users. This can help you achieve good indexing.

Since there is no definite way but following the above-mentioned techniques by a mobile app development company, you can surely get featured in the app store and gain more business and clients.

The article shares the insights of a mobile app development agency into listing iOS application development in the Apple App Store listings.

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Mistakes to be avoided when a software application development company hires a remote developer

When you have global clients, it is harder to offer services remotely or if you want to have a global audience then you will have to hire a remote worker to get the idea of what works the best for the audience that you will be greeting.

However, so much for a software application development company, hiring remote developers has become a necessity. But more often or not, the team ends up making mistakes and end up hiring the wrong people.

The most common mistake is the consideration of low cost. This leads to hiring people with lower efficiency and creates a much daunting effect on the services that you offer to your clients.

Let’s explore some of the common mistakes that a company must avoid,

1. Not carrying out the research – It is very obvious that when you try to opt the remote options then you can meet up ample people with great expertise. But to make sure that you do not hire a wrong person, you must carry out extensive research and complete the paperwork.

2. Giving more focus on the cost – While a custom software development company would want to save money. This could lead to digging a bigger pitfall where you might hire a developer with less experience and even lesser knowledge.

3. Not stating the employment criteria before hiring – A lot of people on the hiring committee, do not mention the major requisites and the work profile which leads to a lot of people with under or over qualifications.

4. Not considering the cultural differences – It is important to take into account the cultural and time zone differences of the off-shore and on-shore teams so that projects can be carried out successfully.

5. Hiring people who are not tech-savvy – A word of advice by a software development company in Noida, hire people who are aware of the latest trends and technology so that what you have committed could be delivered on time with supreme quality.

It is important to make the right decision in case of off-shore hiring because it can have a lot of disadvantages in the worst case scenario.

Keep searching! Keep hiring!

Tuesday 17 December 2019

What are the most useful software development tools according to GA Technocare Technology?

There are tons of cutting-edge software development tools available over the internet to develop a website accomplishing your business objectives. Undoubtedly, your company website is the face of your business. Put simply, your website represents your business over the internet. The software development company helps to have the desired website.

Below are some latest software development tools;

Linx- it is easy-to-use, drag, and drop interface. It has over 100 pre-built functions and services. It enables you to have live debugging. Besides, Linx is a low-code IDE. In addition, it integrates applications; create custom automated business processes with an aim to handle high workloads.

Cloud 9- it is an online integrated software development framework which supports programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and so on.

Code lobster- this advanced software development simplifies and streamline software development process. It supports Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, etc.

Bootstrap- it is a responsive framework for developing a website with HTML, JS, and CSS. Moreover, it contains many in-built components that you can drag and drop to assemble the responsive web page. When it comes to other key features of Bootstrap, then these features include an extensive list of components, base styling for most HTML elements, utilization of ready-made blocks of code, etc. 

Cloudforge- it is used for application development. It helps you integrate and manage different tools. It lets you deploy code to public. It is the emerging software development tool. The developers are frequently using this tool to develop the website.

One of the most popular software development companies GA Technocare Technology has come up with its highly talented team of engineers having vast experience in developing the website on the latest software development tools. We suggest you reach out to our engineers and reveal your exact business needs and requirements so that our engineers can bring what you have expected.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Get in Touch With GA Technocare Technology to Have Desired Software Development

This era is dedicated to advantaged technology that has eased human life in multiple ways. If you look at the major changes brought by the technology, then we see the technology has almost altered the life of a human. Earlier the tasks that we used to do manually can now we do in a single click of the mouse. When it comes to the role of software, then it has changed the way of doing any business. 

As it is a digital world, every company wants to appear on the Google search engine results. To have a digital presence, either you should have your company application or a website. When it comes to the website, GA Technocare Technology is the leading software development company that designs and develops a range of software for industry verticals. The software being designed by the company includes CRM, HRMS, HMS, etc.

On the other hand, if you are a startup and want to create a digital presence, you should have a company website so that internet visitors can recognize you online. Likewise, if you want to enhance your business reach or want to expand your business, you must have an application. It is important to know for you that having an application is very beneficial for the business. An application allows you to have direct access to internet visitors because every person is fond of using a mobile phone. The mobile phones have become a need for hours. If your application is installed in the users' mobile, your business is likely to flourish. This way, the internet users are likely to show interest in your product and services.

Hence, get in touch with software development company GATT to discuss your exact requirements before we start developing an application or website for you. Our engineers' team has capable enough to develop you what you have expected with us.

Monday 18 November 2019

What are the advantages of getting It Staffing Services?

If you don’t wish to hire a big recruitment team to carry out the employee recruitment process, outsourcing your recruitment process would be a great idea. Outsourcing is the latest trend. It is very cost-effective and result-oriented. Businesses that wish to cut operational cost and focus on their primary job can go with outsourcing. The noted RPO Company in India GATT provides it staffing services to the needful. Before you reach any conclusion, read out the post and enlighten you with major advantages of getting it staffing services.

Here are the advantages of having if staffing services;

Cost reduction- in order to fulfill the vacancies in the company, an in-house team of recruitment is required, which will obviously increase the operational cost and management to handle the team. By outsourcing your recruitment process to the professional RPO Company, you do not only get the desired candidate but cut the operational cost.

Hire talent- a professional recruitment team always has tons of candidates to choose from. The hiring team ensures you get the candidates who have required experienced and educational qualification so that they can add value to your business.

Scalability- the recruitment Company targets the candidates through multiple job portals. Therefore, they always have enough candidates to fulfill your increasing requirements. Besides, the RPO Company always is backed by a comprehensive recruitment team that can accomplish your candidate needs.  

Reduce time to recruit- the recruitment company ties up with other service providers which ensures reduction in time and cost. No matter what your requirement is, the rpo companies are always ready to fulfill your requirements.

In order to provide the right candidate to needful, GATT has hired an efficient and experienced recruitment team that perfectly carries out its role. Considering all the advantages, if you are looking to outsource your recruitment process, embrace us. One of the noted Software Development Company GATT is also offering school management system software

Thursday 7 November 2019

What are the Major Advantages of Custom Software Application Development?

In the current time, the software is basically developed in two different ways .i.e. readymade and custom software. The custom-made softwares are better compared to readymade software that are loaded with the same features for everyone. On the other hand, the custom software adopts the specific needs of the business. These softwares are very sophisticated. You don’t find any unnecessary features that your business does not require. There are many advantages of having custom software according to experts at the custom software application development.

custom application development

Following are some major advantages of custom software application;

Scalability- the business growth leads to new requirements. In order to meet the requirements, changing the software is not a good idea. Instead of it, deploy custom software application that perfectly fits your increasing business needs.

Personalization- every business has different ethics to operate. The business owners have their own plans ideas to run their business. The custom software is designed exactly what you want it to do. In simple terms, the developers develop the software under your guidelines and suggestions so that you can get exactly what you are expecting.

Easy access to data to all- the business is all about the right coordination of every department of the company. The custom software first centralizes the data and then enables the authorized department to access the information with ease from anywhere anytime.

Security- the company data is subject to confidentiality. the custom software designed by us is highly secured. The developers have designed the software adding advanced security features so that no hacking attempt can be done.

Cost-effectiveness- the custom software is designed according to your specific needs. There are no unnecessary features, which result in no constant change. As the custom softwares are highly scalable, it saves your huge cost. The point is the custom software applications are very cost-effective compared to ready-made software.

The leading Seo Service Provider In Noida GATT also operates as a custom software application Development Company. If you are also looking for human resource management software to digitize the HR activities of your company, hurry up and reach out to our engineers.

Thursday 31 October 2019

Four Reasons Why Your Clinic Must Have Online Clinic Management System

When a clinic starts witnessing a massive gathering of patients, it becomes challenging to perform manual activities perfectly along with providing patient satisfaction. A lot of chaos get created because of manually maintaining patients’ records, scheduling appointments, and performing other non-medical activities. Consequently, the physicians don’t manage to take care of patients the way it should be. The online clinic management system by GATT has come to rescue you. It has transformed the way the clinic functions.

clinic management system

Following are the core reasons why you should deploy the online clinic management system software;

Go paperless- maintaining medical records in paper form is too complicated. There are always chances of missing the documents. Even the papers take lots of physical space. The clinic management software helps you go paperless. This scalable software can easily store the increasing numbers of patents records digitally.

Easier easy to clinical records- the physicians can get access the updated patient data with the aim to provide the right treatment to the patient. This way, the patients get satisfaction with the treatment provided by the doctors.

Improve efficiency- by digitizing the clinical data, the doctors quickly treat the patients which saves a lot of time. Moreover, the non-medical activities are done automatically which also save a huge time. Ultimately, the efficiency of the clinic gets increased. These automated clinical activities include invoicing, appointments, scheduling patients, charting, etc.

Accuracy- by automating the entire clinical system, accuracy comes in the data. There is no chance of errors in the recorded data on the software. The error-free medical records help the physicians to provide the right treatment to the patient.

The leading software development company in India GATT has developed an advanced clinic management system software that can meet your clinical needs. By reading the post, you may have come up with several queries that you can ask our experts. We also serve as application development company Noida.