Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Importance of social media icons in website development

Social media is a great place to meet, communicate, and share your thoughts. Having social media icons integrated on your website opens up a platform of opportunities for marketing as well as analytics.

Having social media icons also help the users to visit your profiles or share your services on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,  etc.

The perks are uncountable and yet somehow as a social media agency, GA Technocare Technolgy believes that some of the countable ones are enough to drive developers to integrate the icons.

Let’s walk through the countable keynotes,

1.Recommendation – A business can always count on the recommendations received on social media. People often share their experience various platforms and having a page integrated, will just help you get more references from your satisfies customers.

2.Easier to find – As a digital marketing company, our analysis suggests that integrated pages help the users to find us quickly on social media and read out updates. This also creates an impression in their mind.

3.Social influence – Having icons on websites creates larger numbers of doors for you to get referred by clients. Thus, increasing your follower and number of business inquiries. Also, it helps in getting some useful backlinks.

4.Marketing perks – Not only this but integrated pages help in social media marketing as well. One can trace the visitors, their engagement, and build further strategies based on the analysis.

5.Upper hand in SEO – As per the Google’s algorithms, it checks the various parameters and social media integration is one of those. Thus, if a search engine can find icons then it can trace the activities which will result in a higher ranking in the search results.

6.Brand exposure – As a company offer social media marketing services, we know how important it is to create brand awareness and with icons integration, half of the task gets accomplished.


Integrating social media icons can bring a lot of advantages if used in the right direction. So don’t wait up. If you haven’t yet integrated it then do it now.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Why adding Whatsapp button to the website can prove to be a game changer?

If you get in touch with any web development company or a digital marketing company then you will find that a site that can be accessed on mobile phones and offers smooth browsing, gains the maximum traffic. There is no doubt that today is the era of mobile phones. 

More people are buying smartphones and even preference is given to mobiles over the desktops. Unless there is a requirement to fill an excel sheet or prepare a document, a phone can be used to carry out any task more quickly than we’ll do on our laptops. 

Can you guess the most widely used application in today’s time? Well! If you guess Whatsapp, you are probably right. The main advantage that it has brought is the highest speed of communication. Now just imagine the advantages that it can have if you have a little Whatsapp button showing up on your website or application.

Considering social media marketing, an influence on prospects, Whatsapp helps you connect with a greater number of potential buyers. Here a few benefits of integrating the application,

1.Accessibility to a global audience – If you have doubts then just go back to a memory when you shared an image of the product with your friend on Whatsapp through an e-commerce website. Didn’t it feel the easiest way to get an opinion? Well! Similarly, the integration helps you connect and reconnect with hundreds of people. Suppose a scenario of making it possible to reach even 15% of more than 1 billion population of Whatsapp.

2.Fastest sharing and communication – With video, messages, contacts, documents, and image sharing, Whatsapp offers the fastest medium to share any piece of content. Also, the person who will be sharing must have liked it and therefore, referencing it to someone else. This chain can also be helpful in online reputation management as well as connect you with the more relevant audience.

3.Influencer to customers – Like any of the online marketing services, Whatsapp can highly influence your audience. If a single status can reach a hundred people then imagine how much influential can it be if a hundred people refer your product or service?

Final say

Whatsapp marketing is really a thing today and if you integrate the application on your website or mobile app then you turn around your business overnight. 

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Why website promotion is important for the business?

Hiring website design services and establishing an online presence is a big step. You open gates for millions of people to surf in and out of your business.

But, only running a website cannot get your customers and buyers. For that one has to consider online marketing. Like inaugural ceremony creates a buzz around, similarly, hiring digital marketing services helps you get more traffic, thus, more mouths talking about your business.

The website is an online platform that helps you connect with the enormous audience so it makes no sense if people cannot reach you out or find out about your services. Because if you not making the best use of it then your competitors will get ahead of you.

Here are a few reasons why one must one must consider website promotion,

1.Immediate contact with customers – The best SEO services can help you connect with customers worldwide. You can directly communicate with them, assist their queries, and offer instant solutions.

2.Huge traffic – Using social media marketing and SEO you can divert huge traffic on your website. This is the primary goal and helps you gain get acquainted with a greater number of people. Thus, a greater probability to fetch more business and increase ROI.

3.Higher number of sales – Website promotion can be done in various ways. Whatever, the way you choose, it will get you to get you closer to buyers and with right strategy up can appeal and convince the customers to buy your products and services.

4.Brand identity development – With the right digital marketing strategy you can build your brand image. The appearance, content, visuals, and design interface can get your customers to return back or refer your business to others.


Website promotion equals business promotion. If you haven’t thought of it then hurry up before your competitor leaves you far behind.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

How to manage online reputation as an individual and as a brand?

Since the internet and social media has found a boost, it has completely changed the way we think, live, and perceive the things. Initially, we used to roam around the city to buy things but today, we browse the websites to see the quality product at the lowest price.

For anyone who is looking for a job, hiring employees, searching for products and services, etc. surf the internet and compare the online reputation. Not only people have to maintain their social statuses today, but also have to keep their online profile a top notch.

Let’s see how an individual and a brand can keep up with online reputation management,

If you are looking for a job then you must Google yourself and see what images will pop-up when the hiring committee will make the same search.

Here are few keynotes to look out for,

Social media – Digital marketing company suggests creating decent profiles across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and interlink them to create a good impression.

Privacy – Maintain privacy across your accounts so that no one can steal the private information and misuse it.

Website – Create your own website with your domain name. SEO service providers suggest to optimizing the title tags and meta descriptions.

Blog – A well created and optimized blog makes you stand out in the crowd and also shows that you are updated and have opinions on matters.

Share catchy and appropriate content – The professionals advice sharing updated and useful content across the various platforms so that more traffic can be diverted to your pages and website.

Well! If you are a company then you will have to do a lot more than an individual to stand out among your competitors.
Have a look at the listed keynotes,

Domain – Website development company suggests buying a domain with your company name and have full control over it. Also, it is beneficial to optimize the website for negative keywords and bad reviews.

Interact – The professionals suggest responding quickly to the queries on social media and emails. This makes the customers happy and important.

Keep the pages updated – Social media marketing companies believe that if you stay active and post almost daily on business accounts then more audience gets drawn toward your company.

Maintain your online reputation to create a positive impression on your audience and customers.

Which platform will serve the right purpose to your business?

While working on the strategy for social media marketing campaign, it is important for every business to understand which platform will suit the best and which will make you appear odd man out.

With a vast audience and a plethora of opportunities, it becomes highly important to make the right selection or else it is not less than setting the money on fire.

Let’s see what different platforms have to offer and which corresponds well to your business,

1.Facebook – There exist over a billion profiles on Facebook. Just imagine a whole other country available for business. Therefore, it is highly recommended by a digital marketing company if you are looking get acquainted with a huge audience.

2.LinkedIn ¬– With over 500 million users on LinkedIn, the platform offers great opportunities to seize the audience by sharing quality content. If you are looking to connect with B2B clients or educated professionals then this your platform.

3.Twitter – Being the hub for the youth and celebrities, the platform has a lot in the bag for the business owners who are looking to shake hands with the technical audience by providing limited information.

4.Yelp – With over 100 million active users, the social media marketing agencies consider it best for the businesses that can get benefits out of positive reviews like the tour and travel industry, food industry, etc.

5.Instagram – A platform with reaching close to 900 million users and having 8 out of 10 branded hashtags is the most favorable for brands that directly deal with customers and want them to get engaged with products.

6.Youtube – By being one of a kind of search engine, many companies offering SMO services strategize the campaign if the business appears to deal in B2B and B2C sectors.

7.Pinterest – Brands that entirely focus on consumers, precisely women can get the maximum out of this platform. It is good if you can generate great images and portray your organization in a whole new light.

8.Snapchat – Businesses that are fun to connect through small videos and messages can get the best benefit out of this platform.

Final say

Don’t get mixed up with the platforms. Choose the best and earn the most.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

How to generate business from the website?

The technology is updating day by day and so are the medium of marketing. People no longer old-fashioned mediums but invest in digital media to cover a large portion of the audience.

A website is the online address of your business where a customer can reach you anytime. Therefore, socialmedia marketing companies suggest utilizing the website to its full zenith so that you can achieve maximum return on your investments.

The following list will give you insights into the processes of increasing your sales,


As the internet is no longer confined to the desktop, therefore, any website development company understands the unsaid requirement of developing a mobile customized website so that your audience can easily navigate you and interact with you in the easiest manner.

Payment gateway integration:-

If your business requires an e-commerce website development then you must also integrate the various secure payment methods that allow the user to complete a set of tasks with minimal fill-outs.

Use marketing tools:-

Unlike the old times, today there are several tools available that can help in bringing more sales like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Analytics, etc. These tools can help in analyzing the running marketing strategy and therefore, you may modify the pitfalls to bring profit to the organization.


The social media marketing agencies consider it one of the best strategies to bring back the existing clients and complete the cart payment which they must have left due to anonymous reasons. It also helps to expand your targeted audience and get acquainted with more buyers.

Text and video content:-

The content on the website must be catchy and have a unique structure so that it grabs the attention of the viewers. Also, a good amount of keywords must be inserted to ensure that the crawlers can index the pages and help in the SEO campaign.
Many professionals also suggest adding video content because visuals have a greater impact on the person’s mind and bring more customers to the website.

To conclude:-

Use the latest marketing trends and ask your customers about their experience of working with you. This will build a brand image and help in gaining more profit over every sale.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Various traffic sources that bring the audience to your website

If you have a website then you probably understand the importance of traffic. And unlike old days you do not have to invest huge time in writing catchy phrases and get them printed in newspapers.

The digital marketing agency says that the new era has introduced the world to the ocean of opportunities. You have several ways to reach your audience, spread the word for your business, and ask them to visit your online store.

Let’s browse the various resources for generating traffic,

1.Direct traffic – If you have done the branding right then your audience probably know about your business and website URL. They have bookmarked you and often visit your site for your excellent services. Five stars for the strategy.

SEO service providers consider this to be highly potential traffic and analysts say that such buyer never goes out of style, instead stay evergreen and make purchases throughout the year.

2.Social traffic – This traffic is generated through social media. The platforms having a great number of the audience helps in advertising to among huge communities.

The traffic is highly driven by the chain of links and posts that you share on your wall or make then appear on a customer’s wall.

3.Organic traffic – The best way to drive this traffic is by ranking on the Google, Bing, and on other search engines for the relevant and frequently searched words from your business.

Companies offering SEO services can help you get your page rank on the first page so that customers can easily come across your website while making a product or service search that you offer.

4.Paid traffic – In this digital world, everyone has heard of advertisements through Adsense and social media marketing. All you have to do is make a bid, set the campaign, and invest as much your pocket allows.

Paid traffic can get traced easily and for a short-term goal, one can fetch huge business along with earning a brand name.

5.Referral Traffic – Such traffic can be earned easily if you are a tycoon in your industry. Generally, the third-party websites share a link to your page, thus, helping you grow.

Referral traffic can also be directed through email campaigns and another branding campaign.

Last say
Choose the right opportunities to divert the traffic and fetch huge business.