Wednesday, 3 October 2018

6 Crucial on-page factors to be taken care of during Search Engine Optimization

“The best place to hide a body is page 2 of Google search results”

Though the saying is funny yet it speaks a greater truth. Hardly anyone locates the search further on the second page of the search engine so if you do not want your live business to be buried in the search results, make sure it appears on the first page of Google. Website development companies believe there is no point in having an amazing website if the potential customers can’t find you corresponding to the frequently searched keywords pertaining to your business.

Let’s see the most essential on-page factors according to the most reputed digital marketing companies in India,

1. Title tag- Title is the first thing that any customer sees so it is important to have a distinct title with prime keywords inserted in it.

2. Relevant content- Google gives content the most important because it can only rank the website if it can crawl it through the relevant searches. So one should write relevant content with good density of keywords.

3. Meta descriptions- Most of the businesses do not give importance to meta descriptions but they are of high importance as they appear in the search results. One can stuff meta with relevant keywords for higher indexing in the search console.

4. URLs- In order to appear in the search results, one must write friendly URLs for every page. If the URL is stuffed with a keyword then it is only a boon.

5. Interlinking- SEO companies in Noida suggest that pages of the websites must be interlinked in order to provide better user-interfacing and smooth crawling to the bots.

6. Meta tags- For each page, one must right meta-tags with right keywords inserted so that indexing can pace at a higher rate.

There are many more factors that affect the ranking and are crucial to SEO. During the campaign, leave no stone unturned to reach on top of the search results.

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